marine bioprospecting - Novel Drugs from the Sea

Business Opportunities

Opportunity 1: Exclusive Product Licenses  

MarBiLeads AS is offering exclusive worldwide licenses to its proprietary portfolio of drug leads to the international biotech and pharmaceutical industry. Our drug leads are documented by:

  • Proven in vitro antibacterial activity against a spectrum of multi-drug-resistant (MDR) Gram negative and Gram positive pathogenic bacteria (clinical isolates).
  • Proven in vitro activity against a panel of selected cancer cell lines.
  • Third party verification of activity.
  • Molecular structure.
  • Possible production process (pilot scale) described.

For more information contact: Ole-Martin Gulliksen 

Opportunity 2: Agent network 

MarBiLeads AS is seeking agent partners in Europe, USA, Japan, Brazil/Latin America, Russia/CEE/CIS, India and China. We are offering competitive agent commissions, active and professional follow-up and partnership in a challenging and exiting business portfolio.

For more information see “Business Opportunities/Agents”
...or contact Ole-Martin Gulliksen: