marine bioprospecting - Novel Drugs from the Sea


MarBiLeads offers exclusive licenses of documented and patented lead compounds.

We target 

International biotech and pharmaceutical companies 

We offer 

Exclusive licenses to develop MarBiLeads’ documented and patented lead compounds to human drugs and to produce and sell such drugs in defined markets. 

  • Access to a pipeline of potential drug leads targeted for development into candidate new drugs for the treatment of Cancer and serious Infectious diseases including those caused by multi drug resistant (MDR) pathogenic microorganisms. 
  • Our drug leads are documented by:

    – Proven in vitro antibacterial activity against a spectrum of multi-drug-resistant Gram negative and Gram positive pathogenic bacteria (clinical isolates) 

    – Proven in vitro anticancer activity against a panel of selected cancer cell lines. 

    – Third party verification of activity. 

    – Molecular structure. 

    – Possible scalable production process established.
  • Access to world class technology platform for the high-throughput and efficient screening for new drugs. 
  • Access to own proprietary biobank based on harvesting the untapped reservoirs of Norwegian sea waters . 
  • Possible production process (pilot scale) described.

Good financial terms

The financial terms for the license will consist of a combination of milestone payments during the development period and royalty from sales. 

The following milestone schedule is foreseen: 

  • Signing agreement 
  • IND submitted 
  • Start Phase I 
  • Start Phase II 
  • Proof-of-Concept documented 
  • Start Phase III 
  • 1st NDA filing 
  • 2nd NDA filing 
  • 1st approval 

Collaboration on lead optimization and PoC-studies

Assuming a request from the licensee, MarBiLeads may also offer: 

  • Assistance in further Lead Optimization based on 
    - modification of lead molecule through genetic manipulation of identified controlling gene clusters (genetic engineering) 
    - chemical modification (medicinal chemistry) 
  • Preliminary pharmacokinetic studies 
  • Development of scalable and optimized production processes 
  • Proof-of-concept (PoC) studies , from Pre-clinical to completion of clinical Phase IIa 

The company offers licensees cooperation on lead optimization, production development and proof-of-concept (PoC) studies. As a Norwegian R&D based company, MarBiLeads is positioned to enter partnerships with international players with financial support from the Norwegian Research Council (web-link) and Innovation Norway (web-link) for such work on a project basis by application. Grants of the order of 30-50% may be obtained for such projects. 

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