marine bioprospecting - Novel Drugs from the Sea


MarBiLeads is founded and fully owned by SINTEF Venture AS. 



  • Private, institutional investors and investment funds are invited to participate in the further development of the company. 
  • SINTEF Venture 

  • SINTEF Venture is SINTEFs internal seed investment fund with the objective to start spin off companies based on R&D results developed by SINTEF and NTNU. 
  • SINTEF Venture AS is managed by SINTEF TTO AS which is the technology transfer office of SINTEF. 
  • SINTEF TTO AS develops commercial concepts from relevant research results developed by SINTEF, and commercialize these either through selling technology, licensing or through establishing new spin-off companies: 
  • SINTEF Venture has been operation since 2002 and has delivered very good returns to its owners. Furthermore, several co-investors have experienced high profit on their investment in SINTEF spin offs. For examples of such successful investments, please check this link: 
  • SINTEF Venture's exit strategy is exit within 3-5 years through industrial sales or sales to buy out funds or private equity funds. 

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