marine bioprospecting - Novel Drugs from the Sea

Products and pipeline

Pipeline levels: 

Molecular taxonomy studies have revealed that the diversity of the actinomycetes in the Trondheim fjord is surprisingly huge. 

Level 1 – Hit Identification

(Strains producing bioactive compounds)

  • Basis: Cell extracts.
  • Criteria: Cell extracts with proven bioactivity after re-screening (of the same extract).

Level 2 – Hit Verification

(Active compounds identified in fractions)

  • Basis:Cell extract fractions.
  • Criteria: 1) Possible novel compund (candidate mass and UV-profile for active compound identified, no match in relevant databases); 2) Promising “therapeutic window” (i.e activity vs toxicity).

Level 3 – Hit-to-Lead

(Purified compound with proven in vitro bioactivity)

  • Basis: Purified compound. 
  • Criteria: Verified putative novel compound and displaying bioactivity vs an extended panel of clinically important MDR-bacteria and/or cancer cell lines. 

Level 4 – Lead Validation

(Strains producing bioactive compounds)

  • Basis: Purified compound
  • Criteria:
    1) Mouse studies performed documenting in vivo activity and tox profile;
    2) Chemical structure clarified

Antibiotics compounds

Anticancer compounds