marine bioprospecting - Novel Drugs from the Sea

The MarBiLeads Toolbox

Strategic project partner SINTEF provides access to ‘state-of-the-art’ equipment and research front capabilities in :

  • The use of fully automated High-Throughput – Screening (HTS) screening for bioactivity based on robotic assays with huge capacity (> 90.000 wells per week) and high accuracy (average CV in control wells ~ 6 %)

Strain and bioprocess development and optimization.

Sophisticated analytical technology and expertise 

Compound identification:

  • Preparative LC-MS instruments for fractionation and isolation of new compounds- SINTEF Structural elucidation 
  • LC-MS laboratory at SINTEF (20 instruments including SQ, QQQ, Q-tof, FT-ICR) 
  • NMR analysis at Red Glead Discovery, Lund, Sweden
  • Downstream purification at Chorisis s.r.l, Gerenzano, Italy