marine bioprospecting - Novel Drugs from the Sea

The Screening Strategy

Strain Collection: 

Molecular taxonomy studies have revealed that the diversity of the actinomycetes in the Trondheim fjord is surprisingly huge. 

  • Samples from sediment, sea surface layer and sponges harvested from the Trondheims fjord.
  • Strain collection: 8500 actinonmycete isolates. 

‘Hit’ identification: 

High-Throughput Sreening for bioactivity - robotic assays with huge capacity.

  • Fully automated screening using SINTEF robotic HTS - platform
  • Measurement of cell viability (ATP-content) 
  • Huge capacity (> 90.000 wells per week) 
  • High accuracy (average CV in control wells ~ 6 %).

‘Hit’ Purification and Validation:

Production and analysis

Re-screening of purified ‘hits’


Molecular structure elucidation

In vitro efficacy screening, testing vs an extended selection of pathogenic bacteria and/or cancer cell lines

‘Lead’ Validation

In vivo testing of activity and toxicity